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Adrian Daniel

It’s not very often that an artist contact you via email to show you his music. I’m not used to this kind of situation and I don’t know how to consider it, because this is a strange fact itself, because depending of prism of the beholder he could see it as many different things. Anyway, today I want to talk about Adrian Daniel & The Stoners, a young artist and new talent that is eager to take on the world and suggests ways.

For the moment Adrian Daniel (/_\drian Daniel if we pay attention to his personal Twitter) recently has released an EP called Fkkkin High with which he intends to get noticed worldwide, and since 2012 he is a regular artist on Youtube, uploading videos and musical collaborations with other artists from the world of hip hop and R&B that moves between the musical world created by Marvin Gaye and musician R. Kelly.

At present, when only two years have passed since his first steps, you could say that his sound has evolved into something more care and more electronic, following the steps of latest R&B, which focuses on music production as soloist voice support.

[cancion autor=’Adrian Daniel’ titulo=”Fkkking High” ]

We leave you with a short interview we had a chance to do with Adrian Daniel, for introducing himself and get known personally, musically we have seen he has talent, hopefully he also will have head:

-Who is Adrian Daniel? Introduce yourself in a few words.

Ans- I’m a guy from Brooklyn, NY who just loves to create.

-Who has most influenced you (also with Frank Sinatra) in your style and why?

Ans- Michael Jackson, Sade, MGMT, Journey, Kayne West, Queen, Jay-z, Led Zeplin and others. They are all great at what they do, and if you want to be great you study from people that are great.

-Why does the fame for musicians (almost) never last more than 10 years?

Ans- I dont think that’s true, look at Michael Jackson, Sade, Elton John they been around for years and they are still “famous.”

-What do you think about the current music?

Ans- Its progressing

-What’s your opinion about Internet as an artist?

Ans- You wouldn’t even be having this interview with me if it wasn’t for the internet giving you access to my music. So i’m grateful for the internet.

-What do you see in your near future?

Ans- I see myself being Awesome

[cancion autor=’Adrian Daniel’ titulo=”Fool (Perfectly Numb Pt. II)” ]

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