Top songs of 2000. The best music hits of that year

2000 music hits

What do you remember about the year 2000? Which songs of 2000 do you remember most fondly? What were the songs that you became obsessed with because they wouldn’t stop playing?

What happened to these famous groups and how much excitement did they cause for a few months or even decades? Surely we were all marked by the famous “Y2K Effect” that was announced a few months before it began. That fear that spread across the globe with the turn of the millennium. The simple idea that this change could have catastrophic consequences made us all laugh, but also feel fear or embarrassment. Although after what we have been through since 2020, any apocalyptic future that befell us wouldn’t be too surprising.

It was the year of the X-Men’s beginning, Jared Leto’s first steps in cinema with Requiem for a Dream, the emperor and his follies, the first Big Brother in our history… Some of us in school exchanged Simpsons cards after ruining our parents by buying envelopes that only brought “doubles,” and during recess, we played jump rope, elastic, badges, or marbles. And for the more curious, the year 2000 also coincided with the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

After January 1st passed and after realizing that the catastrophe hadn’t occurred (even though misfortunes in the world continued to happen), it can be said that the year 2000 was just like any other year. Let’s see how it affected in terms of 2000 music hits.

Top songs of 2000 that everyone knows (or not)

What were the most listened to 2000 songs hits? We’ve selected some of the 100 included in the playlist, but surely you remember the appearance of Anastasia in our lives, with her sunglasses and her I’m Outta Love, the first of many hits to come.

It was also the year we met Coldplay, who burst onto the scene as one of the greatest 2000 pop hits with Yellow or Don’t Panic, and who, as expected, are still one of the most popular groups today. Craig David also made the leap to success with Walking Away.

Eminem and Dido gave us chills with Stan. Kylie Minogue continued to give it her all as always in Spinning Around, and Madonna wasn’t far behind in the music scene. And the eternal rivalry between the fandoms of Nu Metal bands like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park also continued. It was the year of My Generation from the former and Crawling from the latter, great songs that left their mark on all of us, and no matter how many years go by, they are impossible to forget (Chester, we remember you).

And then there were the well-known one-hit wonders, those songs that were huge at the time and as fleeting as they came, they went, as was the case with Who Let The Dogs Out? by Baha Men or Dancing In The Moonlight by Toploader.

Anyway, having made this summary, surely the songs we propose next sound familiar to you, at least.

Want You Bad, by The Offspring

The alternative rockers, skate punk, or whatever you want to call them, The Offspring, have been making us move our skeletons since the 90s. Dexter’s unmistakable voice along with the guitars and drums made every song by the band a pure spectacle of energy and momentary madness.

Want You Bad is part of the group’s sixth album, a love song (in their style) about bad boys looking for bad girls, but yes, with feelings. The lyrics and the video might be quite childish, but the music also conveys good vibes.

The Bad Touch, by Bloodhound Gang

If the Bloodhound Gang stood out for anything, it was their humorous and satirical songs, also in this case one of the most listened 2000 club songs. Some of you will remember them for the song that was part of the Scary Movie soundtrack, others for the song dedicated to a porn actress who spiced up their adolescence… Some people are forever 15, what can we do?

We particularly remember The Bad Touch, which, if we don’t pay attention to the lyrics, much less to the music video with that hetero-basic vibe that was so funny at the time—well, it’s a great song. Fortunately, times have changed, although they still need to change much more.

In The End, by Linkin Park

If Linkin Park is a group like no other, unique and eternal, let it be said, period. And if the voice of Chester Bennington was able to reach every cell in our bodies and revolutionize our emotions, well, that’s also true. It’s just not the same without him, but Mike Shinoda and the rest are still doing work that Chester would be proud of.

Hybrid Theory was the debut album with which we got to know them, and the song In The End speaks of heartbreak and hopelessness, the feeling that all the effort we put into a relationship or any other life project was absolutely for nothing. It’s hard not to identify with the song.

It’s My Life, by Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi and his band started making music in the mid-80s like machines, one of those groups where it’s impossible not to know a song. We’ve already mentioned something about them in our post about 80s rockers, and among their vast repertoire of great songs are “You Give Love A Bad Name,” “Always,” or the chosen one for this occasion, It’s My Life, which could be described as the anthem of a generation.

And rightfully so, because It’s My Life is brimming with energy, it’s a complete Carpe Diem, let’s live the moment to the fullest, because the time for worrying will come, and doing it ahead of time is worthless.

Moi… Lolita, by Alizée

Alizée was only 15 years old when she won a talent contest in her home country. And as it often happens, she was in the right place at the right time, and her rise to fame was immediate. Moi… Lolita was the first single from her debut album, with crazy sales in France and the rest of the world. It reached the top 10 in the UK, something that few songs in French had achieved.

The song has an apparently simple but reference-rich lyrics, full of literary characters, writers, and metaphors. Besides the obvious one, referring to Nabokov’s character, what other references can you find? Have we improved over the years?

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