Top songs of 2002. Hits in English, Spanish and more

Best songs of 2002

In the third round of the 2000s, we’re going to find out which songs of 2002 were the best of the year. Think about it and recap: what names come to mind? Considering that our selection includes 200 tracks, we hope you guessed the title or band you chose.

For this article, in addition to the playlist with our top songs from 2002 in English, Spanish, French and more, we will also provide a selection of six titles that we will dedicate a few words to, highlighting some above the rest. Something like our favorite songs of the year, half in one language and half in another. This doesn’t mean you won’t find lyrics in other languages; on the contrary. You’ll also hear Italian, Portuguese, and French, as well as Catalan, with Antònia Font among our favorites.

Without further ado, we present you with the playlist for the year 2002 in alphabetical order to alternate between languages so that if you prefer Spanish music, the English choices won’t tire you out. In any case, our idea is that you enjoy them all, as you’ll see that, in general, all the songs belong to the mainstream, with a few slightly more alternative genres, but still suitable for all audiences.

Selection of 200 songs of 2002 in English, Spanish and French

Amaral – Sin Ti No Soy Nada

When we start talking about Spanish songs from 2000, Amaral was one of the standout bands of the year. Not in vain, we include three songs from the Spanish duo, which is the self-imposed maximum limit in our annual playlists.

What can be said about “Sin Ti No Soy Nada”? The group’s unique style maintained the level of the previous album, offering the exact amount of commercial appeal without losing the essence that made them famous in less-known circuits, but with a critical acclaim for their way of singing and composing.

Busta Rhymes, Flipmode Squad & Mariah Carey – I Know What You Want

One of the best love rap songs of this decade, without a doubt, with the beloved Mariah Carey’s voice. It may not be the biggest hit for either of the two most recognizable faces on the single, as Busta Rhymes already had a long career, with “Break Ya Neck” being a standout, but it will undoubtedly be among their most remembered songs.

Carla Bruni – Quelqu’Un M’A Dit

But when we talk about music from 2002, we can’t forget the name of an artist who brought back memories of great French singer-songwriters from the past. Years before becoming more famous as the first lady of the French state, Carla Bruni gave us one of the most elegant albums of recent years. Everyone loved her, especially the song “Quelqu’Un M’A Dit,” which appeared in all kinds of commercials and movies regardless of languages or countries of origin.

Eminem – Without Me

Although, if we talk about elegance, we can’t forget Eminem… Just kidding.

The American rapper has many virtues, but perhaps that’s not one that comes to mind when we think of him. His fast-paced rap style, verses full of biting, ironic, and often humorous content, is much more recognizable. In the words of other rappers, when you listen to him, you know perfectly well that’s not how black people talk, but no one can deny that he’s among the best in this genre.

Extremoduro – La Vereda De La Puerta De Atrás

Among the greats, Extremoduro is one of the most important Spanish music groups of the last decades in this country. And we’re not saying this just because. Just ask the people who live it. It’s a bit like Sabina: there are detractors and even those who don’t find any interest, but a vast majority are fans of at least one or two songs. That’s not easy, even if it seems so, and it’s only in the hands of the best.

“La Vereda De La Puerta De Atrás” is another example of this.

Juanes – A Dios Le Pido

We conclude our review of the best songs of 2002 with another Spanish track, this time by Colombian artist Juanes. Two years after “Fíjate Bien,” an album that made him known throughout Latin America and beyond, “Un Día Normal” would take him even further, thanks to singles like “A Dios Le Pido,” “Es Por Ti,” or “Fotografía,” among others. The latter stands out for his collaboration with Nelly Furtado, who was then best known for songs like “I’m Like A Bird” (because her biggest hit, “Promiscuous,” wouldn’t come until 2006).

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