1910s music. From the year 1910 to 1919

Original Dixieland Jazz Band

The second decade of the 20th century brings very different music from what we have been listening to so far. Up until now, starting from the 1950s and moving forward, reaching the 1990s, and then going back from there. When talking about the 1910s music, reviewing songs from the years 1910 to 1919, we want to remember and discover some of the great classics that more than 100 years later remain in our memory or have been lost forever.

Because if these songs have somehow survived in the collective subconscious, it has been through later versions or through their use in movies or TV series. These are all media that endure, and where the classics resist the passage of time and the technical advancements that have made these recordings very different from what we know from our times.

That being said, our main idea is to offer you a Spotify playlist that contains 21 songs from the years 1910 to 1919, highlighting “La Violetera” by Raquel Meller among our favorites. This song, released in 1914, is one of the most representative Spanish themes in our musical history, performed by a singer we will talk about in the next decade. But, as always, there’s variety, including polka, ragtime jazz, very popular during this era, and more.

Music of the 1910s. The Best Songs from 1910 to 1919

  1. Raquel Meller – La Violetera

  2. Pietro Deiro – International Rag

  3. Harry Lauder – The Wee Hoose ‘mang the Heather

  4. Herman Holtz Dance Band – Elsa’s Polka

  5. Charles Hart – Till We Meet Again

  6. Cecilio Navarro – Jotas de Baile

  7. Titta Ruffo – Maria, Mari

  8. John McCormack – Keep the Home Fires Burning

  9. Fragson – En avant les p’tits gars

  10. Gioachino Rossini – Il barbiere di Siviglia: Ecco ridente in cielo

  11. Charles Hart – Somewhere In France Is the Lily (Recorded 1918)

  12. Original Dixieland Jazz Band – Tiger Rag

  13. El Mochuelo (Antonio Pozo) – Una Farruca En Galicia

  14. Sousa’s Band – Stars and Stripes Forever March

  15. Orchestre De Genre – Parade des soldats de plomb

  16. Alma Gluck – Sing Me to Sleep

  17. Ottilie Metzger – O du, der mich verlassen (Der Prophet)

  18. Charles Hart – It’s Time For Every Boy To Be a Soldier

  19. George Gershwin – Swanee

  20. Juan Maglio Pacho – Cuasi Nada

  21. Billy Murray – The Further It Is from Tipperary

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