Top songs of 1952: the best music from 1952

Music from 1952

We arrive at the third part of the ten planned to conclude with a final list of 100 of the most remarkable songs in the history of music, especially within the 1950s decade. To achieve this, here we talk about some of the most popular songs of 1952.

During this year, the popular culture begins. We hear Gene Kelly, and we know he danced. We read “Singin’ In The Rain,” and we hum the melody. It’s the year of Johnny Ace, of Louis Prima and his love for curvy women, of Antonio Machín and his love for his mother, and of Georges Brassens, representing France with his unmistakable style. A good year, as well.

If besides knowing the songs of this year, you’re interested in discovering the rest of the 50s music, below we provide the rest of the years included in our list of 100 songs in English, Spanish, and more languages.

Playlist with music from 1952 and of all the decade

Top songs of 1952 in English

Gene Kelly – Singin’ In The Rain

Singin' In The Rain

A classic of cinema and a classic of music. Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of the silver screen, and the lyrics are very close to that. It’s so well-known that it doesn’t even require an introduction.

Johnny Ace – My Song

My Song

Johnny Ace was a famous Soul and R&B artist who went down in history mainly for his posthumous song “Pledging My Love,” posthumous because he died while playing Russian roulette. Oh, the youth of today…

Louis Prima – The Bigger The Figure

The Bigger The Figure

The king of Swing (he never abdicated) in one of the wildest and craziest versions of his career, lyrics included.

Top songs of 1952 in Spanish and French

Antonio Machín – Madrecita


Antonio Machín is one of the artists who achieved the most success during this decade, the previous one, and even the following. Later on, after a period somewhat forgotten, he was rediscovered and remained singing his songs with his characteristic style until the day of his death.

Georges Brassens – La Mauvaise Réputation

La Mauvaise Réputation

If someone talks about French Chanson, one of the first references that will come to mind is Georges Brassens. He’s had many imitators, other singers influenced by his style and lyrics, but no one has been able to maintain over time, with that personality and that image, what Brassens achieved with his music.

It’s appreciated, in any case, that new artists continue to emerge from time to time. Whether it’s Bénabars, Renan Luce, or Javier Krahe.

As an example:

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