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Romantic music

If you’ve ended up here looking for romantic songs, it’s likely because you’re in love. That’s how it is, right? We’re not here to judge, because love exists, no matter the reason, it exists. Associating the feeling with music for lovers is the most normal thing, and here we’re not here to judge anyone. After all, raise your hand if you’ve never been in love, if you’ve never heard a love song and suddenly it reminds you of your beloved. And that’s when you’re in that state, with love overflowing. But have you experienced the sensation that these love songs evoke, taking you back to the moment you lived or associated with the one who was your love (whether it was reciprocated or not)?

Furthermore, we emphasize the fact of talking about songs for lovers rather than love songs, because the latter expression doesn’t serve any purpose if you’re not in the former. From this perspective, which we base not only on this list but also on others like the one dedicated to the best songs for making love, lack of prejudice is the foundation upon which to build a list dedicated to the best romantic song. In our case, the 20 selected songs aim to be an alternative to the typically used songs for lovers. Thus, we’ll omit the presence of names like Harry Styles (when talking about current romantic songs) or Céline Dion (if we prefer older songs for lovers).

Because not only famous songs are what the man or woman lives for, we want to advocate for alternative love songs. 20 romantic songs that will boost your dopamine and serotonin, that will make your blood surge like in spring, or depress you if your feelings are not being reciprocated. We try to cover all possibilities, understand all emotions, and not belittle any, because even from sadness, we are forced to emerge. Nobody asks us to learn from sorrow, but music can help us better understand our minds, to come in or out without losing our will to live.

The Best Little Known Love Songs and Other Romantic Songs for Lovers

But as we were saying, the main idea of this list is to provide you with the best songs for lovers, encompassing the entirety of the romantic relationship, so that listening to them takes you to new heights of happiness. Not just one romantic song, but a total of 20 unique and unstoppable love songs that no one knows or not so many people.

They will reach the depths of your being, make you soar, make you fall, and above all, make you stay in love. Despite the prejudices, as we said earlier, romantic music has a purpose and meaning. We hope you like them, both you and your significant other (yes, this is the only bit of sweetness we will allow ourselves). We hope you like them.

Romantic Music in English

Tired Of Being Sorry, by Ringside

Amidst all the romanticism, we might have forgotten a bit about rhythm and joy. Therefore, in this instance, to start off the list of romantic music in English, we’ll go with something more upbeat. A song that, as it was soaring up the charts, was gifted to Enrique Iglesias to exploit in Spanish, English, and even French, causing a rupture between Ringside and their distributor. Such is life.

I Think Of You, by Rodríguez

Among our non-contemporary romantic songs in English, this one by Rodríguez is highly cherished. The fact that we discovered it through the soundtrack of “Little White Lies” and later through the documentary “Searching For Sugar Man” (in the order we saw both films), coupled with the song itself, the moment, and who knows what other circumstances, make it essential within the list.

JCB Song, by Nizlopi

Hold on, is this a parent-child love song? Is that possible, is that love? Well, I think so, right? Besides, it’s just one song, one among twenty, nothing more. We truly believe it’s worth it, you’ll see when you listen to it. Moreover, if you watch the video while listening, it might bring more amusement (or another slightly deeper feeling, although we think laughter is fine too).

Dear Mama, by 2Pac

If we’ve dedicated a song to the love between parents and children, it’s logical to include another song about maternal and filial love. In this case, in a style somewhat different from what we’ve chosen for the rest of the songs for lovers. 2Pac’s rap, dedicated to his recently deceased mother (in the year this article was written), who in turn put in the most effort to keep her son’s flame alive. Despite the criticism it garnered, stemming from the idea that he was trying to exploit 2Pac’s image once he was dead, his figure and personality were pivotal to the personal, poetic, and committed development of the rapper.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead, by Stars

We conclude the selection of music for lovers with a rather striking variant. That of news that could knock you out. However, you can also interpret its title figuratively rather than literally. Like when you break up with your lover and decide to treat that breakup as if they had died. Ultimately, many humans feel this way about breakups, as irreversible, unrecoverable losses. A typically timeless farewell, implying the complete absence of the other person in your life, except for memories and mutual acquaintances who knew both of you.

Although there’s also the figure of the ex who never ceases to exist.

Romantic Music in Spanish

Pequeño Vals Vienés, by Silvia Pérez Cruz with Raül Fernández Miró

While we could have perfectly chosen the version performed by Enrique Morente, or even the original version by Leonard Cohen (whose title is “Take This Waltz”), we must admit our preference for this intimate option of the poem written by Federico García Lorca.

A romantic song through and through, one of the best we’ve had the pleasure of hearing in recent years, and especially in Spanish. Both lyrically and musically unquestionable, Silvia Pérez Cruz’s voice, filled with beauty in various tonalities, or the whispers that turn into love-shattering sounds, everything is exceptional.

El Equilibrio Es Imposible, by Los Piratas

As we mentioned a few paragraphs back, not all the romantic songs we’ve selected will be cheerful. Because, if there’s a type of infatuation, it’s the one where you feel like you’re the one always following your partner, except when it comes to the love you hold for them, seemingly superior.

At that point, “El Equilibrio Es Imposible” comes into play, and music for lovers takes on an individual and sad sense, because you’ve just realized and accepted that there’s nothing to be done, except if you consider that kind of love is better than no love at all.

Cuando Te Canses De Mí, by Nacho Vegas

But since we’re covering all possible aspects of love, now it’s time for the opposite of the previous, though somewhat related. That’s when, whether you’re giving it your all or not for your partner, you’re never progressing in parallel within the relationship. Love still exists, it’s mutual, reciprocal, and beautiful, but something prevents you from focusing on what truly matters. You’re that person who always says it’s your fault and nobody else’s, that it’s difficult for you and such.

A bit tiresome, but someone has to love you, right? Well, better take it with a sense of humor, at least until they get tired of you.

Un Suspiro Acompasado, by Robe

We’re returning to a more conventional romantic song, this one by Robe Iniesta. “Un Suspiro Acompasado” belongs to his first solo album, without Extremoduro, another group from which we could have picked several alternative romantic songs, given the lyrical play they always offer. However, we opted for something more classic yet at the same time reminding us that even the toughest guy in the neighborhood has been in love at least once.

Te Debo Un Baile, by The New Raemon

An original song by Nueva Vulcano, The New Raemon’s version achieved something unthinkable for many, although clearly not as normal as they believe: for a cover to surpass the original song. This doesn’t hold true here, as Nueva Vulcano’s melody, as well as the way the lyrics are sung, takes such a different perspective that, within this latter’s musical style, it becomes one of the great achievements of The New Raemon’s career, a man with an impeccable trajectory in many musical aspects, performing a romantic ballad through and through.

Una Noche De Amor Desesperada, by Triana

After discussing contemporary romantic music (or not very old), it’s time to go back and recommend an old romantic song. Triana, while being one of the most appreciated groups in the history of Spanish music, pioneers of experimental rock, also saw fit to gift us one of the great love songs in our firmament.

Romantic Music in French

Ne Partons Pas Fâchés, by Raphaël

Let’s not get angry, as a way of life in a relationship, is always a good option. Some say that a relationship without arguments isn’t truly in love. I won’t argue with that, but it sounds like a cliché to me. Considering you can argue even about who should go get a coffee at a café, where’s the passion in that?

La Lettre, by Renan Luce

Another classic of modern French music is “La Lettre,” a romantic song with plenty of humor, plot twists, and a melody very typical of chanson française.

Elle M’A Dit, by Cali

Another of the great classics of romantic music in French is “Elle M’A Dit,” particularly in its country of origin. However, once again, we must categorize it under the section of bittersweet romanticism due to heartbreak and being left, as this song is more about that than love itself. But, come on, who hasn’t received a metaphorical slap in the face while being in love?

Romantic Music in Italian

Sabato Pomeriggio, by Claudio Baglioni

If you were a teenager or in your twenties during the seventies in Spain (and mostly elsewhere), you’ll likely remember melodic love songs being the most popular from the ’70s in Italian.

Bella Senz’Anima, by Riccardo Cocciante

This is another romantic song that represents heartbreak, even more than any other in the list. Again, in the ’70s, we encounter abandon, spectacle, and a lack of self-consciousness (which surely many people would feel today shouting like that and singing what he sings). Nevertheless, that was a different era, and ears were different, so we enjoy them in our own way now.

La Guerra È Finita, by Baustelle

The universal sentiment of limitless inadequacy in youthful prominence reaches its peak with the rational-sentimental assault on the ego. In short, Italian love, but more contemporary than the previous examples.

Romantic Music in Portuguese

Atitudes, by Roberto Carlos

Among our recommended romantic music in Portuguese, one comes from Brazil and another from Portugal. The first one isn’t overly alternative, although due to its age it might be less known to the younger music enthusiast. In any case, it’s a standard of the love song, a term we just invented to define a track that’s been admired by hundreds of thousands of music fans.

Haja O Que Houver, by Madredeus

On the other hand, we have one of the most famous Portuguese bands in the world, and surely one of their most popular songs in their discography. A song that basically says that no matter what happens, she’ll be there.

Romantic Music in Swedish

Come Give Me Love, by Ted Gärdestad

Despite the sad end Ted Gärdestad had (is there a good one?), which prevented him from catching the same fame train his friends from ABBA did, he had time to create one of the most famous love songs in Sweden, the English title of which might mask the Swedish lyrics behind it, but it’s there. We give special mention to it, with a title that’s both a wish and an option.

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