Songs about friendship and memories in English

Best friend songs

Some given moments in life seem to repeat themselves in many of us. For example, many people keep childhood friends forever; meanwhile, it seems that in adolescence, friendship is more intermittent, a period where we find faithful companions, we believe we suffer betrayals, and the turbulences lead to spending a lot of time with people that years later you consider regrettable. With age, you think they seem like self-serving friends, or you yourself believe you have become one at times. Whatever it may be, there is a song for each one of them, and we have compiled a playlist with songs about friendship to prove it.

As you go through the playlist we have created and that you can listen to below, you may remember different friendships you have had, including the current ones that still survive. Nostalgia, melancholy, sadness, joy, and fun, because there’s everything. After all, it is important to turn pages, let go of grudges, and if there’s something to glean, to keep the good moments. In any case, with these songs that talk about friendship you will connect with those feelings or even find the best friend songs to dedicate, also songs for best friend birthday.

Whether to celebrate a friend’s birthday, male or female, or to express through music what you feel for him or her, what they mean to you, the importance of their presence as support in your life, our Spotify playlist with songs for friends in English will delight you as much as them. So much so that, although most songs are unisex, we wanted to select the best song for best friend but also some friend songs for bad friends. A more specific note to refine tastes even more, with a varied selection for all ears.

Playlist of 25 songs about friendship and memories

We begin our listing by offering you the playlist of songs about friendship to dedicate to friends. A Spotify playlist with friendship song in English in all its forms. It’s not that we focus on enmity, but we do leave room for messages towards friends who have disappointed us in one way or another. Below, we provide the complete list, followed by a selection of our favorites with also the message we want to send them, like a friendship day song and things like that.

Each song provides a unique perspective on friendship, ranging from the joyous and supportive to the critical and introspective. The diverse musical styles enhance the lyrical themes, offering a rich and varied auditory exploration of what friendship means.

  1. Best Friend, by Foster The People
  2. Best Friend, by The Drums
  3. Best Friend, by Sofi Tukker, NERVO, The Knocks, ALISA UENO
  4. Imaginary Friends, by Des Rocs
  5. Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat), by Saweetie
  6. My Friend Has a Swimming Pool, by Mausi
  7. Toxic, by BoyWithUke
  8. We’re Going to Be Friends, by The White Stripes
  9. You’ve Got a Friend, by James Taylor
  10. Ben’s My Friend, by Sun Kil Moon
  11. Friend of the Devil, by Grateful Dead
  12. My Friend, by Groove Armada
  13. Why Can’t We Be Friends, by War
  14. That’s What Friends Are For (with Elton John, by Gladys Knight & Stevie Wonder)
  15. With A Little Help From My Friends, by Joe Cocker
  16. Friends Will Be Friends – Remastered 2011, by Queen
  17. I’ll Be There for You – Theme From “Friends”, by The Rembrandts
  18. Are ‘Friends’ Electric?, by Tubeway Army
  19. We Are Your Friends, by Justice, Simian
  20. All My Friends, by LCD Soundsystem
  21. FRIENDS, by Marshmello, Anne-Marie
  22. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, by The Killers
  23. Why Can’t We Be Friends, by Smash Mouth
  24. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads, by Less Than Jake
  25. All My Friends Are Nobodies, by zebrahead
  26. Friends, by Chase Atlantic
  27. My Friends, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
  28. Friends Hurt, by We Are The City
  29. His & Her Fiend, by ScHoolboy Q, SZA
  30. Sleeping With A Friend, by Neon Trees
  31. Friends, by Eliza and the Bear
  32. Too Many Friends, by Placebo
  33. We Are Going to Be Friends, by Bright Eyes, First Aid Kit
  34. Evil Friends, by Portugal. The Man
  35. Gonna See My Friend, by Pearl Jam
  36. I’ve Got Friends, by Manchester Orchestra
  37. My Friend John, by The Fratellis
  38. Friend Like That, by Hawk Nelson
  39. Friends Like You, by You Am I
  40. Losing A Friend, by Nylon
  41. Festive Friends (Forever), by Parenthetical Girls
  42. You’re a Friend of Mine, by Clarence Clemons, Jackson Browne
  43. Everybody Wants to Be My Friend, by SixNationState
  44. Friend Like Me, by Will Smith
  45. You’ve Got a Friend in Me – From “Toy Story”/Soundtrack Version, by Randy Newman

Selection of songs for friends in English

Best Friend, by Foster The People

This lively indie pop song is characterized by its catchy beat and groovy bassline. Lyrically, it explores friendship with some irony, describing the obsession and envy that can sometimes hide behind the label of “best friend.” The mixed emotions in the lyrics are wrapped in a bright musical package, adding a layer of complexity to the theme of friendship.

Imaginary Friends, by Des Rocs

Unlike the typical song about friendship, Imaginary Friends delves into the abstract concept of companions that exist solely in the mind. Musically, it’s raw and energetic, with prominent guitar riffs. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of isolation and the comfort that imaginary friends can provide. It’s a unique take on friendship, emphasizing individuality and the human need for connection, even if it’s fictional.

My Friend Has a Swimming Pool, by Mausi

This breezy, summer-themed track features upbeat synths and a danceable rhythm. But beneath its joyful surface, it subtly examines superficial relationships, where friendship is based on material perks like a swimming pool. It’s an interesting critique of how materialism can influence friendship, wrapped in a package that’s musically fun and engaging.

Toxic, by BoyWithUke

Taking a dark twist on friendship, Toxic by BoyWithUke focuses on a relationship gone sour. The ukulele-driven arrangement provides a stark contrast to the bitter lyrics. It’s a warning tale about recognizing and moving away from unhealthy friendships, and the minimalist musical composition heightens the raw emotion in the lyrics.

We’re Going to Be Friends, by The White Stripes

This acoustic gem by The White Stripes celebrates the innocence and purity of childhood friendships. Musically, it’s gentle and folksy, and the lyrics detail the simple joys of companionship. The song stands out for its nostalgic tone and the warm, fuzzy feelings it evokes, capturing the essence of true friendship.

With A Little Help From My Friends, by Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker’s soulful rendition of this Beatles classic is an anthem for friendship. The rich vocal performance and robust musical arrangement give the song a heartfelt quality. It’s all about leaning on friends for support and the belief that together, we can overcome anything. The lyrics and music together create a powerful message of unity and trust.

We Are Your Friends, by Justice, Simian

This electro-house track combines repetitive beats with hypnotic lyrics about connection and camaraderie. It’s less about personal friendships and more about a shared sense of community and belonging. The music’s relentless energy mirrors the intense bond between friends, making it an unconventional yet intriguing exploration of the theme.

You’ve Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story, by Randy Newman

Randy Newman’s timeless piece is a cheerful tribute to friendship, and it has become synonymous with loyalty and trust. Musically, it’s playful and whimsical, perfectly matching the animated film’s spirit. The lyrics are direct and heartfelt, promising unwavering friendship. This song stands as a universal symbol of friendship for all ages, reminding us that true friends are always there for each other.

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