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Mother's day music

We know that after Holy Week and the excess of torrijas, we all feel a bit “torrija” (a way to say “a bit sluggish” in Spanish) and of course, then comes Paco with the sales (another Spanish expression that is used when we act without taking into account the consequences and you know that at any moment the situation can turn 180 degrees. In other words, we think we still have time to come up with an appropriate and original gift for our mothers, and then we find ourselves the day before buying the typical gift that ends up forgotten at the back of the closet.

We never tire of encouraging everyone not to fall into the trap of gender roles. I mean, if someone is sure their mother will appreciate a vacuum cleaner, go ahead, but there are also mothers who would like a brush cutter, a power drill, or the latest smartphone. We have no proof, but we also have no doubt.

And even if you still don’t have ideas or a big budget (remember, the best gifts often don’t cost us a dime), in our post, we propose a list of songs for Mother’s Day that will delight the aforementioned mothers. It’s an original gift that you can also accompany with a cool face mask, as they come in all sorts of styles and colors, and what better way to show that we care than by protecting them?

Just like we did with dads, we’ve divided the post into songs for mothers in English and Spanish. There’s a bit of everything here—emotional songs, songs that will be funny to us now, and songs that are genuinely funny. Some will remind us of our younger years, others of our mothers’ younger years, and some will be new to our ears. In any case, we hope you like the proposed list, and above all, that it’s liked by all the mothers in the world.

Songs for Mother’s Day in English

In English-speaking countries, they celebrate Mother’s Day, but on different days. For example, in the UK, “Mothering Day” is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. In the United States and Australia, they follow the tradition started by Anna Jarvis and celebrate it on the second Sunday in May. Interestingly, Belgium also celebrates it on the same day, except for Antwerp, where they go their own way and celebrate it on August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption. It must be about the dates…

The good thing about this diversity in dates is that this post could be relevant all year round in different parts of the world. And that’s also a lot of pressure, so we hope you like our Mother’s Day music selection of songs dedicated to mothers. And as always, feel free to leave us comments with your favorite songs.

These songs for mothers don’t necessarily have to directly address mothers, but the message they convey can apply to any mother, especially on the day dedicated to them.

Spice Girls – Mama

The Spice Girls phenomenon, of which we were witnesses and fans, unfortunately didn’t last very long. In the end, the desire for individual success outweighed the idea of a group that was formed in the offices of a couple of managers to compete with other bands of the time, like Take That. The truth is, the success of “Wannabe,” the song that introduced them to the world, was historic.

But their first album also had songs like “Mama,” a slow and emotional song dedicated to all mothers. In fact, in the music video, we can see the mothers of all the Spice Girls. Oh, how lovely!

Khalil Ismail – Mother

Khalil Ismail, married and a father of five, is dedicated to helping the black population of Baltimore and advising the city’s youth. Previously, he worked in a shelter for homeless women. Apart from that, in his free time, he sings hip hop. One can only imagine what a week in this man’s life looks like.

He teamed up with producer Charlie Hilton and using Aretha Franklin’s “Say a Little Prayer” as a base, they created “Mother,” an anthem for all mothers in the world, for their dedication and effort towards their children—something that we perhaps don’t appreciate enough, but being a mother is probably the most difficult thing in the world.

2Pac – Dear Mama

We can safely say that 2Pac is one of the best rappers in the world, without a doubt. Despite his untimely death at the age of 25, he left behind valuable songs that showcased his maturity and commitment to what he believed in, denouncing social injustices, racism, and all kinds of inequalities.

With “Dear Mama,” a perfect “happy Mother’s Day song,” 2Pac was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. And as a curiosity, it’s Eminem’s favorite song. In it, 2Pac talks about how his mother has always supported him despite the troubles he’s caused her… Some mothers truly deserve a pedestal for the patience they have with their children.

The Beatles – Julia

There’s not much left to say about the most famous and prolific band from Liverpool. During their 10-year career, with their successes and various controversies, they left behind a historic legacy that marked their generation, the ones that followed, and the ones to come.

Their tenth album, “The Beatles” (or the White Album), was conceived in 1968 during a period of transcendental meditation in India. By that time, Yoko Ono had appeared, and the problems between John, George, Ringo, and Paul were becoming increasingly evident. The beginning of the end was looming…

“Julia” is part of this album, an acoustic and metaphor-filled song that Lennon wrote as a tribute to his mother, who had passed away 10 years earlier.

The Veils – Advice For Young Mothers To Be

The London indie band began their career at the turn of the millennium and currently has 5 albums released. Finn Andrews’ voice, the band’s vocalist, sometimes recalls Nick Cave or David Bowie, which is always a pleasure for our ears. Those of you who are Twin Peaks fans probably recognized the band in one of the episodes, performing in a bar.

“Advice For Young Mothers To Be” is part of their second album. In it, a hypothetical mother talks about how complicated it is to be a mother, as there’s no guidebook to follow, and no one can tell you what to do. Until you experience it, you can’t understand certain decisions or feelings.

Songs for Mother’s Day in Spanish

As with other holidays, Mother’s Day is celebrated whenever it pleases in each country. Yes, that’s how we are. The origin of the May celebration dates back to the mid-19th century when the poet and activist from Boston, Julia Ward Howe, proposed dedicating a day to mothers who were victims of the Civil War. This idea was followed by another activist from Virginia, Ann Jarvis, and when she passed away, her daughter Anna continued with the tradition of celebrating mothers every second Sunday in May.

In Spain, Mother’s Day was celebrated on December 8th, coinciding with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. It wasn’t until 1965 that it began to be celebrated on the first Sunday in May, although it has never been officially declared… It looks like an invention by that department store chain that decides when the seasons start and when Christmas arrives, ahem…

Other countries celebrate it on March 8th, International Women’s Day, like Romania. In Thailand, it’s celebrated on August 12th, due to the birthday of Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara (modesty). And in Paraguay, it’s celebrated on May 15th, Independence and Homeland Day, which is the motherland…

Anyway, this playlist is not only about mother’s day music, since any day is a good day to listen to songs dedicated to mothers, right? Well then, let’s get to it… Enjoy them!

Amaia Montero – Te voy a decir una cosa

When Amaia left La Oreja De Van Gogh in 2007 (we’ll leave for another post the eternal debate that divided the country…), she didn’t leave music behind, but rather debuted as a solo artist shortly after with a self-titled first album. It sounded different from how she sounded with her former bandmates, but Amaia’s sweet voice remained the same.

Part of that album is the song “Te Voy A Decir Una Cosa,” which Amaia dedicated to her mother as a thank you for the support she had always given her. With simple lyrics, all the emotions and feelings towards a mother can be perfectly expressed, don’t you think?

Baiúca – Morriña

Baiúca is the artistic name of Alejandro Guillán, a Galician who has managed not only to blend the folklore of his homeland with electronic music but also to make us all enjoy his rhythms and want to dance to his songs. It’s that original mix of percussion and techno that initially confused us a bit, but now drives us crazy.

As the name suggests, “Morriña” speaks to that feeling of longing and nostalgia that we experience when we’re away from home, from our family, while embarking on a new project. It’s sad due to the distance, but happy because we can always return to the familiar, to home, to the family that will always be there to welcome us.

Nikone – Recuerda

The one from Carabanchel has accustomed us to that honesty without mincing words, to those fast rhymes that we can barely keep up with, to songs that affect us all. The rapper expresses his feelings, talks about his experiences, his truth. Pay attention to his lyrics, because each one has “something special” to it.

“Recuerda” talks about those moments when we make a decision that might not have been the best, but from which we always draw something positive, partly thanks to the support of mothers and other loved ones, because no matter what happens, they’re always there to guide us and help us rise when we fall.

Manolo Escobar – Madrecita, María Del Carmen

Manolo Escobar didn’t like miniskirts at certain “events” (let’s call it something that won’t generate waves of offended people), he suffered a lot because of his stolen car, and he was a great lover of wine and women, just like a good Spanish man from another era. But every now and then, he would set aside his mischievous side to express his feelings.

“Madrecita, María Del Carmen” is a beautiful “copla” that Manolo dedicates to his mother, expressing his joy when he sees that kind and brave woman who gave him life and all the love he feels for her.

El Canto Del Loco – La Madre De José

El Canto Del Loco is one of the rock groups that undoubtedly had the most success in the 2000s. They stirred up as much passion as they did controversy. With their cheeky tone and simple, fun lyrics, it was impossible not to hear them everywhere and hum along to some of their songs. They were the perfect group for teenagers, with tender songs like “Puede Ser” (which they sang with Amaia Montero) or more “punk” songs like “Zapatillas” (those were different times).

But one of the most listened-to songs was “La Madre De José,” because of its comedic and cocky nature. It turns out that someone goes to visit their friend and ends up getting involved with their mother because, according to him, she insisted that he should. Oh, come on… We want José’s mother’s version!

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