The fake laugh (and sincere)

Scientific studies say (which perfectly can be made to contradict the first study) that our brain is able to distinguish a fake laughter from a sincere. I think that it refers to the classic one on one, because in a large group it will be difficult to show, your brain, like a multi-tasking tool capable of removing every laugh and every face to assimilate the truth of each laugh. Not that this is an issue that prevented me from sleeping, but it’s funny (in a real way and in a fake one).

Everyone knows, or at least so say, that tastes are like assholes, everyone has his; the same goes for the humor, which each have one customized. The other day I saw the film Une heure de tranquillité and I got to thinking about it, of course. As it happens, there are scenes that make laugh all the theater; however, there are others that just make laugh two of the fifty present there, for example. If you pay attention to a small group of friends or acquaintances on the street, on public transport or in a pub (do it surreptitiously, ahem), you will see that the laughs are unanimous, regardless of from who comes the joke or the funny story. Sometimes these groups are cut from the same pattern, all the individuals that make it up are alike, therefore it is understandable that everyone agrees on their humorous understanding. But what happens when you see people consisting of dissonant personalities together? Presumably if they are all laughing it is because it makes them laugh, right?, but then if we ask them for The Dinner Game and each tell a completely opposite thing to another, or Torrente 3 or Sweet and Lowdown… A force of habit, perhaps, understanding of group mood makes evident with time.

I do not understand anything. Maybe it is inertia, maybe it is laziness. Probably they are not listening, but it touches, is socially established, which makes us friends, especially in addition to the experiences lived together, those will make you laugh in the future. But you can laugh as some people do, very falsely, and be loved by every person who is like them, able to speak and smile at the same time. Those people scares me, scares me because I don’t know what expression I should have throughout the duration of their monologue, I do not know if my expression should adapt to theirs, all the time, whether to keep serious (because what they are telling, with another gesture, would not change concept), or whether it would be best not look into their eyes. I think it would be best to lay a hand on their shoulder, trying to put them just as uncomfortable as they do with me, if that is possible.

It is easy to be sociable or be social, if you have the right skills for it. Some people adapt a particular role and accepted in society. If you are the funny one, better not leave your paper, you might scare the people who know you well. As Frédéric (Bernard Verley) said in Love in the Afternoon (or Chloe in the Afternoon), “my character depends on who finds me, I do not act the same with my wife, where I tend to be a clown, on the train or at work, where I move in a different environment, without faking at all” (more or less). We and our circumstances to be, I guess. This is also very scary, because if you think about it in an extreme way, it is better not to go and mulling over the possibility of more extreme, violent or sensitive context.

Or laughter therapy, that gives me real terror, when I see it on the News, what a so creepy people. These people are forcing themselves, struggling with the excuse of stretching they will end breaking themselves… ass laughing. I do not think so, but I don’t want to make me laugh, even while still biased. With all the ways of make a living there, and the other day I saw on TV a “Coach” that made people “burn” the soles of the feet to gain confidence in themselves and stop questioning it all. And I’m here not selling stupid things to anyone as a way to save them from their “bland and sad lives.” The world is full of good people, a shame that they usually are charging money for it.

And what is the upshot of all this? Well, obviously nothing, because each person is what it is. This post may have been funny for some people and others have been hopelessly bored and even annoyed. Whatever happens or whatever it is, I will answer everyone with a loud lol, the best answer to a conversation without grace and to dialogue with no possible answer. One way of ending a topic and continue it on the basis of sincerity that goes implied, or not. Lol. Because it’s not the same thing laughing than smiling.

The fake laugh (and sincere)

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