Yellow Red Sparks, the band of a great songwriter

Yellow Red Sparks, the band of a great songwriter intro

As we did not mention it very clear in our first post, we take a moment to comment that this is a personal blog with which we’ll humbly try to introduce artists that we discover or to speak of those who we love in a special way. Although it is true we concentrate more on the latest news and today, we also like to take this cyberspace to claim some other things of the past and, occasionally, non-English speaking artists.

In this second post we come to talk about a very interesting band that we hope that slowly begins to be recognized, since although they released their only album two year ago, this LP contains some great moments of folk-rock.

Yellow Red Sparks, the band of a great songwriter

This album (also called Yellow Red Sparks) features a jewel called Monsters With Misdemeanors (already included in their first EP), for whose lyrics Joshua Hanson, singer and songwriter of the group received the award for best folk-rock lyrics in the International Songwriting Competition, which was attended by Tom Waits as part of the jury. Same is that this is the first time we hear of this award (we learned of its existence while discovering this album), but apparently that is the most prestigious musicians prize taken for lyrics, even though Alejandro Sanz was on it too.

Within the album we also love the song that has served as the first single to promote the album, A Play To End All Plays, an aggressive and tragic song from the first note of violin, a song wrapped musically quite passionate under the genre of lightweight folk.

P.S. We mentioned Yellow Red Sparks on Twitter to announce our article about them on the spanish version of this post and that’s what they said:

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