Instrumental music: more than 700 famous instrumental pieces

Instrumental music

Even though the complete instrumental music playlist is at your disposal after this introduction and just a single click away on Spotify, we want to use this text to review our favorite songs from that list. Because, while there are many renowned compositions throughout the centuries, we’ve also included much more personal pieces for us.

In addition to the selected list as part of the best instrumental music for us, there are also other varieties, including Baroque classics, soundtracks, romantic pieces, religious compositions, and much more. Famous classical music composers like Bach, Mozart, or Beethoven make way for contemporary names like Ólafur Arnalds, Justin Hurwitz, or Dustin O’Halloran, not to forget the cinematic giants like Alexandre Desplat, Ennio Morricone, or John Williams.

In any case, these names are just a small sample of everything that’s available on our list of famous instrumental songs. Furthermore, we’ve been continuously updating it since 2008, writing these words in 2020. So, in line with our list of tranquil songs for the night, and to conclude this introduction, here’s the playlist for you to subscribe to and listen as much as you want, while we showcase some of our favorite pieces from the over 500 currently available.

List of famous instrumental music

We begin our selection with our favorite: the list of famous instrumental songs, which includes everything from soundtracks to classical music compositions spanning all eras. Because even though instrumental music is an independent genre, it’s often composed specifically for a film, trailer, advertisement, or video game. Soundtracks accompanying commercial projects primarily focus on constructing an image or complementing it with sound. Music as a screen element, meant to enhance and intensify visual effects on the viewer. Oftentimes, it’s music that allows the viewer to focus on the vision, delve into their feelings and emotions, yet not overpower the scene.

However, it’s evident that at times, it becomes the most crucial element, the most memorable. The sounds accompanying the visuals can take on a more dominant character and affect the viewer on their own. An example of this phenomenon can be seen using music in darkness. The black “canvas” can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the music that accompanies it. Adding a soundtrack, choosing the right instruments, their intensity, and rhythm can evoke feelings of depression, nostalgia, or fear in the recipient.

Romantic instrumental music

We kick off the list by talking about romantic instrumental music, a perfect companion for couples, along with our selection of favorite romantic songs. In essence, it’s the perfect music for any evening between lovers. Whether to set the mood in the bedroom or simply create a sensual atmosphere, this playlist will sound fantastic anywhere.

In the end, romantic instrumental music serves as a background during dinner, a shared bath, or a romantic massage. Our list covers various musical genres, perfect for all tastes. So, you’ll hear jazz, blues, soul, R&B, and more. Diverse pieces so that each person can find something for themselves and their partner. In this selection, of course, we’re particularly focused on romantic instrumental music, but you’ll find more variety below.

Motivational instrumental music

Motivational music forms the foundation of any physical workout, but it’s not limited to that. Whether you’re jumping, lifting weights at the gym, or choosing to jog through city streets, with this list of instrumentals, you might feel like you can move mountains with the right music playing through speakers or headphones. This applies to work as well. When you don’t feel the necessary strength to make it to the end of the workday, find motivation in music. Tune into your best mood through this playlist.

Because many people seek daily motivation to train, there’s no need to convince them that the effects of listening to music make it one of the best options. After all, for many others, there are a hundred things they’d find more interesting to spend time on than those that lead them to sweat in the gym. For everyone, whether more difficult or easier, it’s worth adding some mental strength with motivating music.

We trust that some of these songs will uplift you. These are instrumentals that encourage action, stimulate, and even release endorphins, making you feel better. It all depends on how the music is structured, but also on your taste. However, there’s no doubt about one thing: it should be rhythmic. The faster the song, the more likely it is to motivate us.

Movie instrumental music (soundtracks) and top composers

If you’ve noticed the first Spotify playlist we offer, you’ve probably realized it includes movie instrumental music and timeless classics. In other words, we’ve grouped soundtracks into the same category as classical music, primarily due to the mutual similarities of each of these themes.

Among the recordings on this list, you’ll find movie instrumental music to suit all tastes. Orchestral compositions, solos, strings, winds, and more. Tools to create pieces that can serve as a backdrop for an animated film, a drama, or a comedy, offered by us as entirely independent works.

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