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Upbeat songs

Perhaps now more than ever, it’s essential for many to have an extensive list of happy songs that not only put us in a good mood but also provide lyrical perspectives for our emotional well-being. After all, the latter is likely the most important aspect for many listeners who have landed on this page.

Unlike the songs to conquer the world that we recommended some time ago, here we specifically focus on those upbeat songs (within our capabilities). Everyone knows it’s not as easy as snapping your fingers and listening to some good music to feel content. It’s obvious, but hopefully, these songs will help make your time a bit better than expected. Or better yet, perhaps they’ll set the mood for the better.

Music tends to set the tone, even though sometimes we use it to enhance our current state of being. In this case, the goal of these upbeat songs in English and Spanish is clear and straightforward: to uplift us all and bring a smile to our faces. For this purpose, we’ve selected 100 songs, including classics of the “genre” that have been bringing joy to many for years, as well as some unusual newcomers in this kind of list that we absolutely adore.

Playlist of 100 happy songs in English and 100 upbeat songs in Spanish

As we’ve done in other lists featuring 100 songs, we won’t go through all of them here, recommending that you subscribe to the playlist containing them all on Spotify. However, we will delve into the first 10 happy songs that kick off the list. Once again, the order itself doesn’t strictly follow any particular criteria, except for switching up genres a bit to ensure that everyone’s tastes can enjoy the available upbeat songs.

In each of these songs, whether through introspective lyrics, uplifting melodies, or a blend of both, artists find unique ways to infuse their music with the essence of happiness. These tracks stand as a testament to the power of music to elevate moods, inspire self-discovery, and remind us that joy can be found in every chord, note, and lyric.

That being said, let’s kick off the list of our favorite happy songs in English and Spanish, starting with an instrumental that actually serves as the closing track for the playlist. And remember, if you have any other songs in mind that you believe should be included, we’re all ears and open to changes, even though we already include here your most wanted, like Billie Eilish with Happier Than Ever, Happier by Bastille, Happy by Pharrel Williams, Oh Happy Day, Olivia Rodrigo or Shiny Happy People by R.E.M. and more. Enjoy!

Such Great Heights, by The Postal Service

“Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service is a mesmerizing blend of heartfelt lyrics and an uplifting melody. The song’s lyrics beautifully capture the essence of reaching new heights in life, symbolizing both personal growth and the joys of connecting with others. The electronic-pop sound, coupled with the dreamy vocals, creates an atmosphere of euphoria, inviting listeners to embrace their aspirations and feel a sense of elation. The collaboration between Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello brings a fusion of emotions and electronic beats, a perfect reminder that even in the vastness of life’s journey, there are always bright horizons ahead.

Float On, by Modest Mouse

“Float On” by Modest Mouse is a beacon of optimism in its purest form. The song’s lyrics convey a message of resilience and acceptance in the face of life’s uncertainties. The catchy melody and Isaac Brock’s distinctive vocals exude an irresistible sense of positivity, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. The song’s rise to mainstream popularity marked a turning point for the band, reminding listeners that even amid chaos, there’s always a way to find solace in the rhythm of life.

This song was an answer to “The World’s At Large”, probably one of the saddest songs I’ve ever listened.

Better Anyway, by Parka

With “Better Anyway,” Parka delivers a feel-good anthem that exudes optimism and self-assurance. The lyrics narrate a journey of moving forward and finding personal contentment. The song’s upbeat indie-pop sound, coupled with infectious guitar riffs, creates an atmosphere of exuberance. Parka’s spirited performance complements the song’s theme of transformation and resilience, offering listeners a musical embrace that encourages them to embrace their own paths to happiness.

The Seed (2.0), by The Roots & Cody ChesnuTT

“The Seed (2.0)” by The Roots and Cody ChesnuTT combines rock, hip-hop, and soul to create a dynamic expression of joy. The song’s lyrics explore themes of love and attraction, adding an electrifying layer to the band’s hip-hop foundation. Cody ChesnuTT’s passionate vocals infuse the track with an infectious energy, while The Roots’ backing amplifies the song’s celebratory spirit. This collaboration showcases the band’s genre-blending prowess and underscores the idea that happiness can be found in the fusion of creative styles.

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, by Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Yusuf (formerly known as Cat Stevens) imparts a sense of liberation through “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out.” The lyrics, adorned with simplicity and wisdom, encourage individuality and embracing life’s journey. The folk-infused melody and Yusuf’s soothing voice conjure a feeling of serenity, reminding listeners that true happiness lies in being authentic and unapologetically themselves. This song reflects Yusuf’s own spiritual and personal journey, making it a testament to his evolution as an artist and person, and it even sounds better as part of the Harold and Maude Original Soundtrack.

Born To Be Alive, by Patrick Hernandez

Patrick Hernandez’s disco hit “Born To Be Alive” captures the exuberance of the dance floor and the liberation of self-expression. The lyrics, set to an infectious disco beat, radiate positivity and the euphoria of dancing freely. The song’s popularity in the disco era aligned with a cultural movement of embracing joy and self-discovery. Patrick Hernandez’s contribution to disco’s golden era reflects both the celebratory nature of the genre and the universal desire to feel alive through music and movement.

Jackie, by Scott Walker

Scott Walker’s “Jackie” embodies a unique blend of powerful beauty and strong yearning. The song’s lyrics paint a picture of an enigmatic man, in the original version Jacques Brel, and the melody’s sweeping orchestration evokes a sense of bittersweet nostalgia and virtuosity at the same time. Scott Walker’s emotive delivery brings the song to life, and its enigmatic charm resonates with listeners, capturing the complexity of a human personality full of character talking about his past, his future and different moments of his life.

Its lyrics, its instrumentation and the way Scott Walker sings in this case make Jackie a unique song, even despite being a cover of “La Chanson De Jacky,” a song that we have already defined as a masterpiece, but in this case is even more unique and insane. Improved, surprisingly. Where “La Chanson De Jacky” was more imperfect, where its instrumentation was more basic or canned, Walker’s Jackie enlarged it. He didn’t make it better, he made it bigger, epic, and dazzling. The same song, two unique personalities performing it, making it their own.

The musical spirit is the same, undoubtedly, the lyrical is even more so. The desires, aspirations and charisma of two singers who, coinciding in time, but not in language or culture (surely), are capable of converging in a single song that transmits, even without understanding each language, exactly what they want convey. An enduring classic, unrepeatable by today’s standards and with a tremendous character no matter where you listen to it. The song’s resonance with Scott Walker’s evolving artistic journey further enhances its emotional depth.

Cloudbusting, by Kate Bush

“Cloudbusting” by Kate Bush offers a whimsical and imaginative perspective on happiness. Inspired by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich’s invention, the lyrics depict a father-son relationship and the power of hope. The song’s ethereal soundscapes and Kate Bush’s ethereal vocals transport listeners into a world of wonder and curiosity. Kate Bush’s distinctive artistic vision, combined with the song’s enchanting melody, creates an otherworldly experience that reminds us of the importance of nurturing our imaginative spirits.

As the lyrics were based on the Peter Reich’s Book of Dreams (son of Wilhelm), the singer was anxious about how Peter Reich would feel towards the lyrics, but “he said he found them very emotional and that I’d captured the situation. This was the ultimate reward for me,” Bush recalled.

Highway Tune, by Greta Van Fleet

Greta Van Fleet’s “Highway Tune” is a contemporary ode to the thrill of the open road and the freedom it represents. The song’s lyrics channel the exhilaration of exploration and self-discovery, while the rock-infused melody captures the electrifying energy of a musical journey. The band’s signature classic rock sound, paired with Josh Kiszka’s soaring vocals, resonates with listeners, encouraging them to embrace the adventure of life and find happiness in the journey itself.

Feel Good Inc., by Gorillaz

“Feel Good Inc.” by Gorillaz blends an infectious groove with social commentary, creating a sonic experience that sparks both joy and reflection. The song’s lyrics explore themes of consumerism and disconnection, alluding to the pursuit of happiness through materialism. The combination of Damon Albarn’s vocals and the song’s funk-infused melody draws listeners into a vibrant world of sound. The virtual band Gorillaz, led by Albarn, delivers a thought-provoking message wrapped in an irresistible sonic package, inviting listeners to contemplate the nature of true happiness and the one that it is not real or at most short-lived happiness.

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