Top songs of 1953. Music hits in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese

Songs of 1953

Welcome to the fourth part of the ten planned to conclude with a final list of 100 of the most notable songs in the history of music, especially within the 1950s decade, featuring the best songs of 1953.

The fourth part includes only four songs, which already indicates how loaded the second part of the list of the top 100 songs of the 1950s is going to be. More than half of the songs in this list are yet to come, many of them are globally known, but we hope that others will be new to you. Above all, this list of hits 1953 serves as a reminder of music that is increasingly forgotten by new generations and trampled upon by radios that don’t know how to recycle or adapt to what a new wave of listeners and musicians would bring.

Discover the popular songs in 1953 that make up part of the 1950s playlist, whether by going back in time or traveling to the future in relation to this same year, 1953. Below, we provide you with all the links for each one.

Playlist with 1953 hit songs and of all the decade

Top songs of 1953 in English

This time, we only include one artist to represent the music of the year 1953 in English. This presence belongs to the American actor and singer Dean Martin with “That’s Amore.”

Dean Martin – That’s Amore

Dean Martin - That's Amore

Dean Martin was one of the coolest and most classy guys that music and cinema have given us. His vocal and physical charisma quickly turned him into a mass idol during the ’50s, and he also became a legend that is still remembered today, not only for his career.

The Rat Pack, consisting of artists like Humphrey Bogart or Frank Sinatra, were not only famous for their parties, but they also organized other events that usually took place in Las Vegas, though at times they became more serious and revolved around politics. Other well-known members were, besides Sinatra and Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., and Peter Lawford.

Top songs of 1953 in Spanish and Portuguese

As for the list of music from the year 1953 in Spanish and other Romance languages, it belongs to the goddess of Portuguese fado Amália Rodrigues with one of her most emblematic songs (“Uma Casa Portuguesa”). Additionally, there are the Spaniards Lola Flores and Lolita Sevilla with their respective flamenco and copla classics. In Lolita Sevilla’s case, her classic also belongs to another classic, but this time in Spanish cinema (“Bienvenido Mr. Marshall”).

In any case, all of them are well-known and recognized characters in the world of music, with their influences extending to later generations and successes throughout their years of existence. Sadly, none of these artists are among us anymore, as the singer Lolita Sevilla passed away in 2013.

Amália Rodrigues – Uma Casa Portuguesa

Amália Rodrigues - Uma Casa Portuguesa

The undisputed star of Portuguese fado. Amália Rodrigues even had a biopic in 2008, bringing to life and showcasing the successes of her entire career. However, as often happens in these types of films, it focused too much on the romantic side of her story.

Lola Flores – Pena Penita

Lola Flores - Pena Penita

And if Amália is the most famous Portuguese legend of the ’50s, in Spain, the artist Lola Flores is equally famous. She was capable of the happiest and the saddest. Her flame, not only musical, has never completely extinguished, being remembered thanks to her family, but above all thanks to songs like “Pena Penita.”

Lolita Sevilla – Coplillas De Las Divisas (¡Americanos!)

Lolita Sevilla - ¡Americanos!

We conclude the list with another Lola, this time Lolita Sevilla, with the main theme from “Bienvenido Mr. Marshall,” which welcomes the eagerly awaited Americans. We won’t talk about them in case you’ve never seen the movie and would like to.

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